What Types of Listings Are Available?

There are two types of listing agreements that we work with. Both are standard listing agreements for the yacht brokerage industry. They are referred to as the Central Listing Agreement, and the Open Listing Agreement. These two types offer the seller the flexibility that covers most circumstances. The recommended type of listing in nearly all cases is the Central Listing Agreement. It offers the seller and the listing brokerage the most from each of their individual perspectives

The Central and Open Listing Agreements

A Central Listing Agreement is entered into with just one brokerage firm, thus guaranteeing the listing agent and listing brokerage a portion of the selling commission regardless of what brokerage house brings the buyer. Co-operative brokerage agreements are standardized within the industry and allow one brokerage to sell a listing that another brokerage has Centrally listed. In this way, the Central Listing Agreement provides a maximum marketing incentive for us and encourages the promotion of the listing to other brokerages. Thus the marketing and representation needs of the seller are best met with the Central Listing Agreement.

The Open Listing Agreement allows the seller to list the boat with multiple brokerages at the same time and sell the boat on his own. The incentive being that if one of the brokerages with the Open Listing brings the buyer, that brokerage gets the full commission. The down side is most brokerages will spend the lions share of their advertising budgets on promoting their Central Listings, not Open Listings. Though on the surface, it often seems the Open Listing offers the opportunity for the most exposure, the opposite is most often true. Also, with an Open Listing Agreement the seller will have numerous listing agents and brokerages to deal with, creating opportunities for confused communication and lack of a cohesive marketing effort. Buyers that see one boat marketed by several different brokerages usually think that there is something wrong with the boat.

Tips On Selling Your Boat

When selling your boat you should remember that appearances count a lot. A clean and well maintained boat will sell sooner and for a better price than one that appears rough around the edges. In an effort to help you sell more quickly and for the best possible price we offer these ten easy tips:

1. Detail the exterior bright work.
2. Wax and buff the hull.
3. Detail the exterior of vessel.
4. Replace worn out covers and vinyl glass.
5. Remove all personal gear.
6. Remove all equipment that does not stay once the boat sells.
7. Clean the interior, including lockers, bilges, refrigerators and carpet.
8. Replace worn out cushions and carpets.
9. Compile maintenance and use records.
10. Operation manuals are a bonus to the next owner.