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South Beach Yacht Sales and Charters is a full service brokerage located in Miami Beach, FL

If you are looking to buy a boat or yacht, we are here to find the perfect vessel to fit your particular lifestyle and needs. We offer a variety of used power boats and yachts for sale and will look at all vessels on the market in our quest to help you avoid costly mistakes. We can provide you with the perfect captain and crew for your yacht or help arrange for insurance, maintenance, delivery or mechanical work.

If you want to sell your vessel, our experienced brokers will list and sell your boat or yacht in the shortest time possible. We will assist you to determine a fair and realistic asking price, advise you how best to prepare your boat or yacht for sale, offer advertising solutions and work hard to find you a buyer.

If you are looking to charter a vessel, we have access to some of the finest yachts, pleasure boats, sail boats and high end fishing vessels in South Florida. Please see our web page or call for a listing.

   We are honest, trustworthy and extremely hard working. Our goal is to simply to provide the best brokerage and charter services in the industry and make your experience pleasurable and easy. 

  Ned R. Hickel, owner of South Beach Yacht Sales, is a licensed and experienced yacht broker with a lifetime in power boating, marine surveying and yacht sales.    cell - 305.799.6080

    L. Clark Fletcher, a licensed yacht salesperson, has a wide background in both power and sailing vessels and offers extensive experience in yacht management and an experienced charter captain. Clark can also provided documentation service. Cell - 305.298.0268                                            


     Talk to us about your lifestyle and boating needs.  We will help you determine the appropriate style of boat or yacht that meets those needs, and a price range you can expect to be in. If you want a new boat or yacht, we can assist you in speaking with dealers and understanding the sale process, and the costs associated with ownership.  If you are seeking a pre-owned boat as a first time buyer or an experienced boat owner, we will guide you to the best values on the market and help you avoid bad decisions.  


DETERMINE YOUR VESSELS VALUE - Pricing strategy is at the very heart of the selling process. SBYS brokers can help you determine a reasonable selling price. This price will accommodate the usual back-and-forth, offer /counter-offer sales process.

LIST THE VESSEL FOR SALE - This process involves compiling the necessary documentation; inventory the vessels equipment, arranging necessary photography/video, filling out the vessel specifications list, obtaining copies of recent marine surveys, and other important pre-selling functions.

DEVELOP A PROMOTIONAL PLAN - Once the Central Agency Agreement is concluded and the listing process is complete, your broker will design a custom promotional program for your vessel. Promotional strategies vary due to a variety of circumstances. Such things as vessel type, size, price, etc. will all affect how your broker proceeds. A good starting point is listing on the International multiple listing services and on-vessel signage.

SHOW AND NEGOTIATE - Your broker will solicit and field inquiries on your vessel from interested parties, show your vessel and submit to you all offers.

SAFEGUARD FUNDS - Your broker will only submit offers that are accompanied by a minimum 10% earnest money deposit. This deposit will be deposited in SBYS escrow account until the final closing. These escrow account funds are only disbursed under specific conditions outlined in the purchase documents.

PREPARE SALES DOCUMENTS - The selling process is a maze of offers, counter-offers, sea trials, acceptance, title transfers, licensing, registrations, sales tax documents, financing papers, fees disbursal, closing statement, etc. Our brokers will see to it that all this detail is properly handled.

We also offer in house Documentation services at reduced rates for customers.

Why should you choose South Beach Yacht Sales?

The South Florida yacht market is arguably the most confusing market in the United States . In addition to the myriad of choices already available, there are a larger number of luxury yachts which are being sold prior to completion. When it comes to the total number of vessels, Florida ranks third in the nation after New York and California .

To properly have a solid understanding of this market is a serious and complicated undertaking.

We take our responsibilities to you, our client, very seriously. We base our recommendations on detailed researched information. Whether you are seeking a smaller fishing boat or a large sail or motor yacht, rest assured that in working with us, you will not be led down the path by hype to a decision you may regret later.

Our long-term mission is to build a lifetime relationship with you. We rely on these relationships to provide sources of referral and additional business. Such relationships in the marine industry can only be gained by complete dedication to your needs, and by providing the most knowledgeable expert service that guides you to the most appropriate vessel.

We will not be satisfied by anything less.

Ned R. Hickel
South Beach Yacht Sales

"A boat is not a destination, nor a conclusion, as a house or a piece of land might be, but a means to reach conclusions and destinations that otherwise you could only dream of. Everything that hangs above the air of a boat is open-ended. She knows no horizons. For her, anyway, every prospect is an invitation and every casting-off an absorption in where she might go. A boat is all beginnings..."